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now check it
i got this real talk flowing through my veins
get the Novocaine 'cause I'm 'bout to bring the pain
put me on the roster
oh yeah, I'm blazin' through
this and every year is the year I renew
stepped up off the scene
then i came back with a King
now, it's time to be the change
inside the world I wanna see
now, it's time to be the change
inside the world you wanna see
now, it's time to be the change
inside the world we wanna see
got too many folks
i gotta represent
whoever said there's no talent from Connecticut
i dare y'all to try us
this may sound biased
but some of us got the golden touch like Midas
some of us got the golden voice like Teddy
and some the fire words that'll burn you like Freddy
i'm all up in your head
you remember what I said
and you can take it how you want but CT art
them can't test
and I don't care how you want it 'cause this how i'mma rock it
you can't knock it
trust me, you can't stop it
i FLOW like water
keep fire in my pocket
three, two, one

i'mma blast off like a rocket
this is real
it's not a game
it's time for me to reign
pour down verses to stimulate your brain
minimal cursin' 'cause I'm a lady, man
kinda sassy
and spit that propane
came drop the knowledge
because y'all lacking, man
y'all in need of poetry
to switch up the game
or should I call it FLOWetry 'cause I'm FLOWin' man
FLOWin' like the Nile in the Mother Land
gotta keep it goin' to the very end
gotta show them haters i'm in it to win
with nothing to lose
and everything to gain
so, what you want with it
i came to bring the pain
on and on and on
i keep rockin'
i keep my poetry FLOWin'
'til the cops come knockin'
i got oh so much to say
and if you ever try to take my microphone away
it'll be like you tryin' to take my breath
so, i'mma keep this poetry FLOWin'
'til it ain't nothin' left
it's red ink that flows through these veins

that's fact
that's why we go for self
in this day and age
we can't settle for sh*t else
so, we
puts our grind down
on every avenue
you think we ain't gon' make it
but I don't think you have a clue
seriously, don't think you do
that's why I'm seldom seen
concentratin' on my music
and all pertinent things
diamond rings for my Queen
rooftop for my seed
livin' life righteously
while y'all caught up in this greed
wait a minute
let me proceed
peep my lyrical procession
as i
spoon feed you
with this lyrical progression
y'all hitters tryin' to knock my cream
think y'all
sniffin' that blow
straight off the tres beam that
hitter with the red dot
watch'em jump
betcha that'll make'em hop
to The Strange Content Funk
baby, what'chu want
shawty got yo fix
it be that number hit
on your internet mix


released December 1, 2018
The Strange Content


all rights reserved



The Strange Content Atlanta, Georgia

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