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dear woman

you are a Queen

a goddess endowed by GOD to be the backbone of a flimsy society

the spine of your family

the foundation of civilization

the faith keeper

the inn keeper

the keeper of secrets

the healer of boo-boos

you stitch up together hurt feelings

like a black widow weaves together the imperfections of her web

seemingly effortlessly

leaving no sign of struggle

yet you struggle

to keep food on tables

to keep clothes on backs

to keep needs met with no regrets while yours are often never met

so that your family is never in want

you will starve

no front

your hunger is no game

your belly

it rumbles like thunder

earth-quaking through your spirit

the rain beating upon your soul's windows posing pains unknown to man

hurt they may never acknowledge

nor even understand

yet you stand


a billowing standard

solid mahogany firm

forever extending your branches towards the sun


your efforts often remain unsung

but you woman

you are a shero

you create essentials from zero

you beget something from nothing like a pro

GOD resides in the buds of your tongue

you are a shining beacon like the sun

when they believe you've lost

you find comfort in knowing that you've actually won

they say "a woman's work is never done"

well, this is because a woman's faith can never be undone

and faith without works is purposeless and dead

so, you woman

you keep working until your fingertips are blood-red

you keep loving until your lungs are empty from giving others your air

you keep keeping until you've given your everything

and your heart's cupboards are bare

bones dry

nothing left

even then they may never understand why you wept

why you weep

while they try to play you for cheap

so, you are on and endless journey to find value in your self

for they appear not to comprehend the value they should place in your self

they appear to find contentment in placing your heart on a shelf

just out of your own reach

if only they found value in the lessons you were sent to teach

in the love you were sent to give

if only they could find value in the life that you live

in the birth that you give



you give all

just to save others from the plummet you step up to take the fall

your volunteer as tribute without even as much as a flinch

you step up to the plate while others stay safe on the bench

when they back down

you push forward

onward and upward

giving of your everything

for no sacrifice is a sacrifice without a sacrifice


released August 26, 2018
Production & Vocals: The Strange Content


all rights reserved



The Strange Content Atlanta, Georgia

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